Email #3

Welcome to the 2016 Jewish Outdoor Escape
Ottawa Odyssey


Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa

Quyon, Québec Canada


Emergency Contact Info, Arrival/Departure Info for Drivers and Mosaic Shuttle for Main Event and Pre-Trip. 

Dear  Participant

This is our third email to registered attendees of this event (plus an additional email which was sent to pre-trip attendees only).

Emergency Contact Numbers to leave at home
The following phone number should be the primary phone number you leave with your family (at home) in case of emergency: 1-888-MOSAICS (888-667-2427). In the event that they cannot reach ANYONE at that number, a message can be left at 613-858-7091. This second number is that of Jonathan Pivnick, the camp director. It is only to be used in the case of major emergency.

Remember: If you are coming from the United States (or anywhere outside Canada), you will need your passport.

Attendee info / Leader Info / Expense Reports / Schedule Book
We have posted several items of interest at Please take time to look at this page. Information available includes camp maps, directions to camp, and the event schedule booklet. You can also take a sneak peek at the leader packets for your activities, to get the scoop on what you've signed up for and a peek at the information provided to our volunteer leaders.

Copies of each informational email are also available on the same Attendee Info page in PDF format. If you wish to print these emails, we recommend printing the PDF version from that page rather than printing the email itself.

RegOnline Mobile App:
To look at your registration & camp map via cell phone:

Driving to camp?
For those of you driving to camp, you will find links to the camp location on a variety of navigational tools here: Along with the links to "Google", "Bing", and "Waze", you will find copies of all three informational emails, a camp map, and other relevant information. You may wish to print the "Map of Camp With Additional Info" from the website and take it with you. It has a lot of information which may come in handy.

Registration at the camp opens at 3:00 p.m. Unless you are part of the registration team and have been asked to come earlier, please do not arrive before this time, as we will not be ready for you to enter camp. If you're running early, there are stores and coffee shops in Hull (right after you cross the river from Ottawa, about 45 minutes away from camp) where you can hang out and kill some time.

If you are driving to camp and arrive before 6:00 PM, you will be met at the parking lot and told where your lodging is located weather permitting). If you arrive before 6:00 p.m. you will be able to drop your luggage at your lodging before immediately returning and parking in the lot. Cars cannot remain in camp as it will become crowded very quickly. You must move your car to the parking lot within 10 minutes of arriving at your cabin, then come to the office to collect the rest of your registration packet. Cars left in front of cabins, unless authorized in advance by Mosaic and displaying a permit for the location where they are parked, will be subject to towing at owner's risk and expense.

Dinner will be at 6:00 p.m. If you arrive at camp during dinner, park in the parking lot and come to dinner. Registration will re-open after the evening's "Meet your leader" session, and remain open until 10:00 p.m. If you arrive after 10:00 p.m., come to the office where we will have maps and cabin/room numbers posted. You can collect the rest of your registration packet in the morning. Friday breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m. Activity buses begin leaving at 8:15 a.m.

Taking the Mosaic Shuttle from the Airport?
The shuttle will leave the airport at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 1st. Please meet by the DOMESTIC luggage carousels (if coming from the US, you will be able to get to the domestic carousels after clearing customs). Your bus captain, will meet you there between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Have your luggage and personal effects with you. He/she will lead you to the shuttle loading zone.

Note: If your flight is late and/or there is a delay in customs and immigration, call the Mosaic hotline at 1-888-MOSAICS. We will try to arrange your transportation to the camp, but you may need to wait a while in the case of multiple flights being delayed (so we can get everyone in one trip).

When the shuttle arrives at camp, claim your luggage and register at the office. You will be directed to one of the Mosaic vans which will help take you and your luggage to your cabin.

Below is the people we currently have on our list for pickup for the AIRPORT TO CAMP shuttle. Please contact ASAP if there is a discrepancy. Please note that we currently have a full vehicle, so we REALLY need to know if there is a mistake:

Elysa Savelle - 12:26 PM
Marshall Zwick -1:00 PM
Tatiana Shifrin - 1:00 PM
Jonathan Fredland - 1:00 PM
Rachel Kasow - 1:00 PM
Thea Schiller - 1:00 PM
Rebecca Abisdris - 1:00 PM
Richard Moses - 1:00 PM
Burton Ziskind 1:50 PM
Robin Schaffer 1:50 PM
Mira Bukingolts - 1:51 PM
Debra Miller - 1:51 PM
Frank Berk - 1:57 PM

We need a volunteer to be Airport Captain.
We need someone who is in the first wave of arrivals to be Airport Captain. The airport captain will:
1. Collect everyone in the airport in a central spot so a few people can watch the luggage and others can wander.
2. Be the liaison to the shuttle service and coordinate with them for the pickup
3. Be the point person at the airport for any unforeseen issues that might arise. (Murphy's Law applies).
4. Be in communications with the event organizers with updates as needed.
Note: You need to a have cell phone plan that allows use of your cell phone while in Canada. This includes voice and text (the airport has free wifi).

Taking the Mosaic Shuttle from the pre-trip?
Those taking the shuttle from the pre-trip should meet (with their luggage and personal effects) outside the lobby of the Residence Inn Ottawa Downtown at 2:30 p.m. Please be prompt; the shuttle will not wait for you. David Kaufman will be your bus captain. Those of you on the pre-trip can leave your luggage in a designated location (David Golberg, your pre-trip Chairperson will be able to tell you where to leave it) after you check-out of your room in the morning before noon, so you can enjoy your final few hours in Ottawa before meeting the bus. Please note that if you are staying at a different hotel and are taking this shuttle, you are responsible to get yourself and your luggage to the Residence Inn Ottawa Downtown in time for the shuttle pickup.

When the shuttle arrives at camp, claim your luggage and then register at the office. You will be directed to one of the Mosaic vans which will help take you and your luggage to a centralized drop-off point near your cabin.

Below is the people we currently have on our list for pickup at the HOTEL TO CAMP. Please contact ASAP if there is a discrepancy.

Nira Beer
Hillary Brown
Marla Chupack
Jill Franklin
Ellen Goodman
Yaacov Gothard
David Kaufman
Ruth Leibowitz
Evelyn Levine
David Liebman
Sharon Levy
Michael Marks
Sonia Olchyk
Elyse Rifkin
Robin Schaffer
Barry Segal
Lisa Silverberg
Glenn Silverman
Louise Siegel
Elaine Sisman
Robert Spelfogel

Shuttle from camp to airport:
We will give you information on bus procedures for the return trip later, at camp, but we want to make sure our data is correct. Below is the people we currently have on our list for pickup at the CAMP TO AIRPORT, along with your flight departure time. Please contact ASAP if there is a discrepancy.

Robin Schaffer - 2:00 PM
Elaine Sisman - 2:00 PM
Tatiana Shifrin - 2:00 PM
Ellen Goodman - 2:00 PM
Michael Marks - 2:00 PM
Lisa Silverberg - 2:00 PM
Debra M.          - 2:00 PM
David Liebman - 2:40 PM
Nira Beer - 2:40 PM
Marshall Zwick - 2:40 PM
Burton Ziskind - 2:40 PM
Ruth Leibowitz - 2:40 PM
Thea Schiller - 2:40 PM
Edward Schaefer - 3:05 PM
Mira Bukingolts - 3:05 PM
Rebecca Abisdris - 3:05 PM
Barry Segal - 3:30 PM
Rachel Kasow - 3:42 PM
Jonathan Fredland - 3:42 PM
Evelyn Levine - 3:42 PM
Hillary Brown - 4:00 PM
David Kaufman - 4:00 PM
Robert Spelfogel - 4:10 PM
Sharon Levy - 4:40 PM
Elysa Savelle - 4:40 PM
Louise Siegel - 4:40 PM
Yaacov Gothard - 5:00 PM
Richard Moses - 5:30 PM
Frank Berk - 5:30 PM
Sonia Olchyk - 6:00 PM
Elyse Rifkin - Next Day

Thank you,
The 2016 Jewish Outdoor Escape Committee


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