Friday Daytime Activities

The schedule below is subject to changes as needed. 

Class III-IV Whitewater Rafting on the Ottawa River

From the gleam of fast-moving clear water, to the adrenaline rush, rumble and tumble of rapid action, this is your chance to get in on the ‘current’ sensation. A daylong rafting experience through the dynamic Rocher Fendu rapids awaits. With experienced and passionate guides at the helm, you’ll splash and roll through one of the world’s great whitewater routes. Travel down an untouched wild section of pristine river where a sense of adventure is rekindled; bonding with your crew you relive the lore of the river. Body surf and float – immerse yourself in the river's swirl, feel and be part of the friendly warm waters. This is water rafting to the extreme. This trip is not for beginners. Expect to get wet. You MUST be able to swim in swift river conditions. There is a strong probability of having an out-of-boat experience on this trip.

Distance from Camp: 1 Hour / 64KM / 40 Miles Approx $100 USD

Action on the Ottawa River!
Esprit Rafting Co.

Class II-III Whitewater Rafting on Ottawa River

Do you want to go white water rafting but do not want the extreme of  what the Ottawa river has to offer in the Western Channel. Well your in luck. The Ottawa river has two channels. The eastern channel offers still high class white water, but a little tamer. You still WILL GET WET, but less likely to enjoy an out of boat experience (no promises). You must be able to swim in swift river conditions. 

Distance from Camp: 1 Hour / 64KM / 40 Miles Approx $100 USD 

Arbraska Laflèche Cave Discovery Tour

Experience the thrill of an underground trek in the vast Canadian Shield’s largest visited cave. With ice stalactites and stalagmites in winter and geology which is accessible to everyone, the cave holds many surprises and discoveries. Its history is littered with astonishing anecdotes and mysteries.

For five years now, speleologists have been coming to explore new passages in this cave. Our Laflèche Cave tour is reserved for persons aged five and above and lasts approximately one hour. If you’ve never ventured underground before, please be aware that the cave’s temperature is a constant 4°C / 39°F. Warm clothing should therefore be worn, even in summer.

You will be supplied with a helmet with a headlamp. Just like a real explorer, you’ll be able to follow the guide and make the most of the visit.

During this voyage to the heart of the Canadian Shield you’ll learn about more than 20,000 years of history. Not only that, but you’ll find out about speleology – the study and science of cave exploration.

Distance from camp 50 Min / 49KM / 33 Miles Approx. $20 USD

YouTube Video of Cave Tour

Arbraska Laflèche Cave Explorer Tour

Visit the cavern's most remote areas and crawl in the small passages like an explorer. During this 2-hour guided tour, as a 8 persons groups, your guide will make you discover majestic galleries that are just newly accessible. A sportive tour that will make you push your limits by making you crawl through narrow passages sometimes relating more than 13 000 years of history.  If you’ve never ventured underground before, please be aware that the cave’s temperature is a constant 4°C / 39°F. Warm clothing should therefore be worn, even in summer.

Distance from camp 50 Min / 49KM / 33 Miles Approx. $43 USD

Arbraska Laflèche Adventure Hiking

Laflèche Adventure offers walking paths and mountain trails with scattered lookouts where the views of the Laurentian forest are simply breathtaking.

All our paths and trails are clearly marked. Not only that, but they’re chock-full of information points and special things to discover...a unique opportunity to discover the wonders that await you when you take a walk in the woods on the Canadian Shield.
There’s nothing ordinary about a forest. A struggle among plant and animal species for light and space and survival...The peculiar (and crucial) eating habits of some of the woods’ inhabitants...and you, the visitors, the observers who are observed in secret at a distance by the forest’s “real” citizens.

Distance from camp 50 Min / 49KM / 33 Miles

View from King MountainBe King of the Mountain Hike (Strenuous with lots of views)

Hike 11+ KM/6.8+miles with 340M/ 1122Ft Elevation gain by combining Skyline Drive, King Mountain Trail, Kingsmere and the Trans-Canada Trails. You pass Wattsford's Lookout as you climb up through a hardwood forest on the way to the top of the Camp Fortune Ski Hill as you go up the Skyline Drive. Then along the King Mountain Trail, savor a spectacular view of the Ottawa River Valley where you will encounter a series of different forest types. There will be rapid changes between types of trees are due to differences in the soil, water and light. The result is forests ranging from dark evergreen forest to rich deciduous forest to a windswept plain with stunted oak trees. King Mountain Trail loop that provides 10 stunning panorama views of the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau and the Ottawa River flowing for miles.

Distance from Camp: 40 Min / 45KM / 27 Miles  Free

Map of hike with elevation

Hike to Pink Lake from Mackenzie King Estate (Moderate Hike)

This will be a 11KM / 7 Miles to Pink Lake, Lollipop Hike with some elevation change. Pink Lake in Gatineau Park Quebec Canada is a rare meromictic lake - the water at the top does not mix with the water at the bottom. There is little to no oxygen near the undisturbed bottom of the lake. Core samples from the bottom can be used to accurately track climate conditions going back may centuries - at Pink Lake research is going back 10,000 years in time. The walk around the lake itself takes about 90 minutes with 24 Meter / 79Ft. elevation gain, but there is some elevation between Pink Lake and the estate. After returning to trailhead tour Mackenzie King Estate with the time left before the bus picks up activities from this point.

Distance from Camp: 1 Hour / 47 KM / 30 Miles Free

YouTube of Pink Lake short version
YoutTube of Pink Lake long version
Info on Pink Lake

Nature Interpretation on the Waterfall Trail Guided tour & self guided tour of the grounds of Mackenzie King Estate. (Moderate to Easy Hike)

Come discover new things about Gatineau Park! Take a walk on the Lauriault Trail with an experienced naturalist.
• Discover the Park’s plants and wildlife, and learn how to identify wildflowers.
• Learn about the Park’s protected habitats and ecosystems, including the Eardley Escarpment.
• Get acquainted with some of the Park’s early residents and cottagers like the Lauriault and Mulvihill families. Some of the Park’s natural features were named after these families.

Distance from Camp: 1 Hour / 47 KM / 30 miles Approx. $20 USD


Live a unique experience in the heart of nature, near the picturesque village of Wakefield with a vast water maze with an interwoven canal system, to allow those who wish to discover in true beaver fashion, the richness of the marsh environment. During your paddle boat journey through the marsh, you will experience the environment from a beaver perspective. Discover beaver habitat while browsing a water maze consisted of 60 intersections spread out over 6 km. Choose one of the thirty adventures and enjoy the splendor of the marsh environment in the comfort of your paddle boat. Explore the richness of this pond and find various hidden clues to answer a mystery question. At Eco-Odyssée technology was combined with nature to offer a virtual guide that you can download with our iTunes App or Android App application, which works like a GPS.

Distance from Camp: 70 Min /45 Km / 28 Miles Approx. $22 USD per person

YouTube of Eco-Odyssee 
More info on Eco-Odyssée 

Canadian War Tour : Diefenbunker (Private Guided Tour) and Canadian War Museums


Diefenbunker Museum

Enjoy a private guided tour of the the Diefenbunker. This four-story, 300 room, 100,000 square foot underground bunker, and was meant to house 535 Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war. Shrouded in mystery, the Diefenbunker, nicknamed after then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, was designed and built in secrecy during the crest of Cold War fear, between 1959 and 1961. The name of the facility was given by a Toronto Telegram journalist who exposed a story of its development.

Canadian War Museum

With its prize-winning and richly symbolic architecture, the Canadian War Museum provides a spectacular setting for exhibitions, public programs and other events that illustrate the way in which human conflict, in Canada and around the globe, has changed the face of the world. Learn about Canadian’s involvement in Cold War, South African War and World War I and II. There is a Royal Canadian Legion Hall of Honor that has personal stories, photographs, art and artifacts that shares the earliest forms of honoring through burial, painting or dance, to the erection of national monuments. 

Other exhibits include Military Technology Collection (a diverse collection of vehicles, artillery and other large artifacts that tell the personal stories of war, from the 18th century to the present) and Deadly Skies – Air War, 1914– 1918 (go beyond the dogfights and immerse yourself in the lives of nine people, from both sides of the conflict, who experienced the first air war).

It is just over a two hour drive time round trip with stops along the way. Cost Approx.  $34 USD (Includes admission to both museums and tour of Diefenbunker Museum) Limit 11 people + driver

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